Bi Polar I disorder

You are to summarize the following information about œbi polar I diagnosis in the DSM-IV-TR USING YOUR OWN WORDS: Diagnostic Features and Criteria Associated Features and Disorders Specific Culture and Age Features Course Familial Pattern Differential Diagnosis You can read the list of criteria for the mental disorder straight from the DSM and you are to summarize what you read and quote specific things within a diagnosis that you cannot explain any other way. The goal of this presentation is to have you as students teach the other students in class about the DSM. Please you simple language when summarizing so that the reader can understand everything there is about that diagnosis. Also when summarizing clearly state each section from above for example: Diagnostic Features and Criteria “ your summary Associated Features and Disorders “ your summary ¦.. end so on¦ I am sending you the all the information you need to summarize from the DSM IV about the BI-Polar I disorder as an attachment.