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Assignment Week 3
Note these should be completed as separate documents.
Part 1: One can find epidemiologic studies every day in the news. Using the internet, NU Library resources, news magazine, or newspaper, locate any peer reviewed article about a topic related to epidemiology. Summarize the article in a few paragraphs. Also discuss how the article is relevant to the study of health conditions/diseases (ie, obesity, cancer). 1-2 Pages in length.
Upload your summary and the link to your study (e-citation) or the pdf of the article to the Dropbox along with the assignment. Use APA formatting. This document should not be longer than 2 pages
Part 2:
Please read the two Racial and Ethnic Disparities documents (and found in the Doc Sharing, Reading folder Week 2) and share your thoughts on at least one of the articles. This should be written as a position paper so your writing should include supporting data and citations to assist you in your opinions. The paper should be no longer than 5 pages. Submit your document in msword format (.doc or .docx) by midnight on Sunday in the course dropbox. Please remember to include a cover page with your name etc and use APA formatting and reference pages as appropriate.