Aging and Health

Aging and Health

Paper instructions:
There is a short paper due by October 12th at midnight, EST. Papers may be submitted early. The topic for the paper may be any condition regarding aging and health. If you need ideas for the paper look through the topics listed in your text. Please do not type your paper directly in “Submission” or “Comment” box of Assignment site.

•The paper should be about 3-4 pages in length (excluding reference list), double spaced and should be well researched. Articles should be obtained from professional, peer reviewed health related journals such as American Journal of Public Health, Gerontology, Journal of the American Medical Association, NOT popular media such as Time or Newsweek. If you are uncertain as to the “professional” nature of the source, please ask me or one of the reference librarians.

•PLEASE NOTE: ONLINE articles can only be used if they are online sources of a professional, peer reviewed journal. For example, WEBMD is NOT a professional source.

•Sources should be no older than January 2009.

•You should be sure to use proper citations and a formal method of documentation for these citations, APA format please.