Adderall college use

I’m working on a Marketing exercise and need support.

Hello, Can you please answer these following questions regarding the abuse of ADHD medication by college students?

– What are some ways that different organizations or groups are trying to “solve” the “problem”. Is one way better (cheaper, more effective, faster, longer lasting than other ways of solving or addressing the problem? Profile of the organization or group you observed and studied. Where are they located? How are they funded? How long have they been around? What else do they do?

– What are your initial impressions? What are some surprises you experienced or observed? What did you make of the impact the group had on the target for the project (e.g. young expectant women).

– What are some positives? What are some areas that the group’s efforts fall short? What are some challenges or limitations that the group struggles with?

– If you were in a position to lead this organization or group’s efforts, what would you do differently so that the efforts of the group could be more successful, sustainable etc.?