4 Question Options Regaurding either Swift’s “A Modest Preposal” or Fredderick Douglass’s Narrative you Choose

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For the first paper assignment, you are asked to choose one of the following topics and write a 4-5 page paper that analyzes the topic using textual evidence. The paper should be typed, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font with a works cited for the primary source. You do need to do any other research, but if you do you must cite it, of course. The paper will be graded on having an original title, a clear thesis (or main point of argument), sufficient textual evidence that is analyzed rather than summarized, while avoiding grammar, spelling, and word choice errors.

1. Why does Swift use dehumanizing rhetoric in “A Modest Proposal”? What is the impact of this rhetoric on the reader, and how does this rhetoric fit in with his overall argument?

2. While we tend to think of satire as being humorous, Swift’s satire is not meant to be funny. Who or what is the target of his satire and how does he use satire to get his point across?

3. How does Douglass depict the dehumanization of slaves under slavery? How does this dehumanization fit into his larger argument that slavery should be abolished? How does the eloquence of his writing serve to undermine the belief that the slaves were inferior?

4. Douglass’s Narrative is often read as a heroic narrative. What elements of a hero story do we see in his narrative and does this help his audience be more sympathetic to his argument that slavery should be abolished?

The final draft will be due in ecampus on March 8th.