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part 1: I attended an international conference on Biotechnology and one of the sessions I went to was on the subject of bio-engineering a “death gene” that could be introduced into the mosquito population and destroy every mosquito on earth.  The discussion that ensued was about the ethics of such a thing.  I want you to tell how you feel about introducing such a gene.  Look up something about this.  Your reference does not have to be about this particular gene, but can be about anything that relates to the discussion.  Remember to cite your reference, and write at least 150 words


part 2: Respond to another student


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I think that with regulation of the mosquito communities would be a good thing. Mosquitos carry many dangerous diseases and if we can lower the population we can slow the rate of transmission of these diseases. This could save many many lives around the world. I would be hesitant though to release the genetically engineered mosquitos into the environment. In the article I read they releases sterile male mosquitos into the environment. This I feel is a safer way to regulate because we are not altering any genes we are just regulating a naturally occurring issue in nature. Sterile males cannot pass on the genes and also male mosquitos are not the ones who would be likely to pass on the diseases. The article stated that only females bite and therefore males would not be capable of spreading the diseases. With sterile males being released there will be less mosquitos due to lack of repopulation. This will still allow organisms relying on mosquitos for food to still be able to survive with less risk to humans. They are an invasive species so it would help to eliminate the spread of mosquitos to different areas. This will keep the spread of disease throughout areas. I do not think it is right to alter the genes for human use though. It is not how nature had intended. If the gene pops up naturally in the population then it should not be taken out but we should not introduce it due to humans “playing God” with genetics. “Mosquitoes Engineered To Kill Their Own Kind.” NPR. NPR, n.d. Web. 22 July 2014. .