1. Interpret the impact of different reimbursement methodologies to health care providers as… 1 answer below »

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the course project has been recreated to reflect the current crisis to the United States healthcare system.

Objective of the Project as it Relates to the Course Syllabus

1. Interpret the impact of different reimbursement methodologies to health care providers as it relates to developing survival strategies in health care reform.

2. To have students demonstrate an ability to logically and cogently analyze, compare and contrast healthcare systems alternatives.


This is a group project and will be completed by students individually. The project will be done using Modern Language Association (MLA) format. Guidelines can be found at the library’s website under the hyperlink MLA format.


Your assignment is to complete the healthcare systems project following the specific guidelines given to you in class.

Cover Page

The cover page includes the name of the company, student name, and the date of submission.

Table of Contents

This page includes each major heading that appears in the report and gives a page reference for each. This should be composed using Word software.


This should be a brief introduction of your paper, outlining your objectives in the paper; no more than a couple of paragraphs.

Body of the Paper

The purpose of the project is to engage students to research and analyze the effects of the Covid 19 virus on the United States healthcare system. This could be analyzed in a number of ways and students should pursue the project based on their own individual interest in the system as a whole. For example,

1. How has the virus impacted the number of available hospital beds in the United States?

2. What is the impact on the number of available ICU beds?

3. What special equipment or tests has the United States healthcare system been lacking as a result of this virus?

4. What is the impact on big cities like ours, Chicago?

5. What is the estimated financial impact on the overall healthcare system? For example, what if patients are affected by the virus and they have no health insurance?


Based on your research, you are to arrive at certain conclusions as to whether or not the United States has positioned herself to sustain a competitive advantage in the future. Please substantiate your conclusions with your research findings.

Works Cited Page

3000 pages

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